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StockCharts Support April 16, 2009

Using CandleGlance Charts

What Are CandleGlance Groups?

CandleGlance Groups are collections of up to ten tickers arranged on one page in a neat, condensed layout. They are great for an at-a-glance analysis of a collection of stocks. For example, you can quickly compare the performance of all the stocks in a specific industry, or see how the major indices have been doing over the past six months - all from one page!

You can choose from four pre-defined date ranges and a variety of technical indicators. Each chart includes by default two Simple Moving Averages.

You can either create your own group, select one of our pre-defined groups, or view one of fifty intra-industry comparisons. Extra! Charting Service members can also create a CandleGlance Group for any of their Favorites Lists.

How Much Control Do I Have Over My CandleGlance Group?

Users have full control over which securities are charted and which indicator to use. A maximum of ten securities and one indicator can be charted from the CandleGlance page, though users can fully edit indicator settings (such as the number of periods).

Up to a year of data can be charted on a SharpChart, or the data can be plotted using Point and Figure charts.

The overlays are automatically set to plot 20- and 50-period simple moving averages (SMAs) for all charts.

Further edits to a chart can be made by clicking on the chart, which will display a Gallery View of the security. Clicking on any of the Gallery charts will open a SharpCharts Workbench or a Point and Figure Chart Workbench.


Subscribers can customize the ChartStyle used on the CandleGlance page. To do that you need to first create a ChartStyle that is set to the exact settings, indicators and overlays you want to use on the CandleGlance view. Once the ChartStyle is created save it as "CandleGlance."

To learn more on creating ChartStyles refer to this tutorial video.

To learn more about customizing the CandleGlance view check out this blog article.

To view your CandleGlance ChartStyle make sure on the CandleGlance page that next to the duration drop-down you have My CandleGlance Style selected.


Creating a CandleGlance Group

The first step in creating a CandleGlance group is to know the ticker symbols of the securities you are interested in. Each security has a unique symbol, often recognizable by the company name (for example, Microsoft is "MSFT"). Others are not so obvious, but any active stock can be found in our symbol catalog which you can access by clicking on the link in the top right corner.

With the ticker symbol in mind, there are a few different methods of quickly creating your group:


  • From the homepage, you can begin putting together your CandleGlance group in the Start-a-Chart box by selecting CandleGlance from the drop-down menu, entering the first ticker symbol, and clicking Go Button. From this page you can add up to 9 more symbols to your group.


  • Next to the symbol catalog at the top of every page, a CandleGlance group can be easily created by selecting CandleGlance from the drop-down menu, entering the first ticker symbol, and clicking Screen_shot_2010-01-14_at_12.36.48_PM.png. From this page you can add up to 9 more symbols to your group. From the Home page please select CandleGlance from the drop-down in the Create a Chart box.


  • Finally, you can create a CandleGlance group by clicking on the Free Charts tab and locate the  CandleGlance Groups and either click on a predefined group or choose an industry from the "major industry" drop-down or enter in your own 10 ticker symbols and click GO.



Predefined Groups And Intra-Industry Comparisons

There are many securities that are related, and analyzing them in groups can give you a better idea of market or industry strength.


This is why we have assembled important stocks together in our Predefined Groups section located on the CandleGlance Groups page. Simply click on one of the links to bring up the CandleGlance Group. Predefined Groups you can select to view in a CandleGlance Group include:

  • Market Overview
  • Major US Indices
  • Market Breadth Indicators
  • S&P Select Sector SPDRs
  • Major Industry Groups 1
  • Major Industry Groups 2
  • Dow Stocks
  • US Commodity Groups
  • International iShares
  • Bullish Percents


Also, many analysts focus on specific industries, and that is why we created CandleGlance Groups for intra-industry comparison. Simply go to "free charts" to the CandelGlance section and click on the "choose a major industry group" drop-down and select the industry that you want.

Interpreting The CandleGlance Group


All of the mini-charts for the group will appear on a single page. At the bottom of the page you will find fields where you can modify the ticker symbols, date range, or technical indicators used.

CandleGlance IBM MSFT

By default, each chart contains daily candlesticks, volume bars, and two Simple Moving Averages.

The top of each chart shows the company name and ticker symbol, the date and time the chart was created, the last closing price, and the last percentage change.

Click on any of the mini-charts to view a Gallery Page for that ticker symbol.

Modifying The Securities


The securities charted are determined by the tickers entered at the bottom of the page. Here you can either add or modify the charts in your CandleGlance group.

Simply type in all the tickers you want to chart and click Screen_shot_2010-01-14_at_12.36.48_PM.png



By default, each mini-chart covers two months of data. If you want the charts to cover a larger or smaller date range, select one from the Duration drop-down list, and then click the Screen_shot_2010-01-14_at_12.36.48_PM.png button to update the page. Choose from two days, two months, six months, or one year.

You also have the option of charting the securities as Point and Figure Charts.



By default, each mini-chart is plotted with two Simple Moving Averages overlays. However, you can select an additional technical indicator (such as RSI, Chaikin Money Flow, etc) to be applied to all the mini-charts. Use the Indicator drop-down menu to select an indicator, and then modify the indicator's default parameters if desired.

Click the Screen_shot_2010-01-14_at_12.36.48_PM.png button to update the page.


As a member, you can create a CandleGlance Group for all the stocks in any of your Favorites Lists. There are two ways to view your favorites in a CandleGlance group:

Method 1:

From your Extra! page in the Members tab, scroll down to the Your Favorite Charts section and click on the CandleGlance link for the list you want to use.


Method 2:

From inside any Favorites List, use the Format drop-down menu at the top of the page and select CandleGlance. Basic members need to use this option.



Additional Resources

To learn more on CandleGlance check out this video.

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