====== Getting Started Series ====== ===== Getting Started with StockCharts ===== Check out our seven-part series introducing you to some of the coolest features available on StockCharts.com! * **[[:getting_started:part_1|Part 1: Using SharpCharts to Create Great-Looking Financial Charts]] ** Get introduced to our premier technical analysis tool: SharpCharts. * **[[:getting_started:part_2|Part 2: Customizing Your New StockCharts.com Account]] ** Learn to customize your charts with custom ChartStyles, and organize your charts using ChartLists. * **[[:getting_started:part_3|Part 3: Using the StockCharts Technical Ranking (SCTRs) to Find Leading Stocks]] ** Check out our exclusive SCTR rankings, which allow you to quickly determine how well a stock is performing relative to its peers. * **[[:getting_started:part_4|Part 4: Exclusive Content from Market Experts]] ** Meet the top technical experts on our site, and benefit from their technical analysis wisdom. * **[[:getting_started:part_5|Part 5: Using Our Technical Scanning Tools to Find Promising Stocks and Funds]] ** Discover how to find securities that meet your specific technical criteria, using our powerful Scan Engine technology. * **[[:getting_started:part_6|Part 6: Setting Up Custom Alerts to Stay on Top of Key Market Moves]] ** Let our alerts do the work for you, notifying you when a stock first meets your technical criteria. * **[[:getting_started:part_7|Part 7: Learning How To Learn More]] ** Continue the learning - find out about all the additional educational resources we offer to help you get the most from your StockCharts.com membership.