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Customer Support Resources

We believe that Customer Support works best when it is viewed as a partnership between friends. We love helping you use our website, but we do ask that you do whatever research you can before contacting support. Below is a list of resources that can help you get the most out of before contacting our support team. Please review this information thoroughly for the fastest answers to your questions.

Online Support Resources

We have a huge variety of online resources to help anyone better understand how to use our website, as well as how to use technical analysis to make better investing decisions. In addition to the Documentation articles in this Support area, we also have:

Contacting Customer Support

We provide Customer Support to our users via online educational resources and email messages.
We are not able to provide phone support.

If you have a question about using our website, you can submit it to our support staff using our Support Request Form.

Support Policies and Limitations

Our Support Staff is a limited resource. While our dedicated support team works to respond to all messages as quickly as possible, they can only do so much.

Our Support Staff has the following limitations:

Users are expected to help our support staff in the following ways:

Expected Response Time

Most customer support requests will be responded to within 24 hours (often much sooner). If there is a site-wide problem that generates a large volume of requests, we may choose to respond via our Twitter feed, instead of individually.

Scope of Support

As a website operator, we are limited in the kind of technical problems that we can troubleshoot and provide help with. In general, we are only able to provide support concerning the use of the tools on our website. We are not able to provide direct help for problems that are specific to an individual computer's configuration or Internet connection, although we may be able to provide general guidance on how to narrow down such problems.

Additionally, we are unable to provide financial advice, chart interpretations or indicator recommendations. We are not financial advisers or counselors.

Abusive Behavior Restrictions

While the vast majority of our customers abide by our policies above, people that consistently violate those policies may be banned from receiving Customer Support replies in the future.

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