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StockChartsACP (“ACP” stands for “Advanced Charting Platform”) is our newest interactive charting tool, built to serve as a comprehensive, interactive technical charting platform with a wide range of dynamic capabilities.

Accessing StockChartsACP

The official release of the full-featured StockChartsACP tool will come later this summer. StockCharts users have access to a pre-release version of StockChartsACP now, allowing them to explore some of the capabilities that ACP will provide.

Check out our StockChartsACP Tutorial to quickly get up to speed on the features available in our pre-release version.

StockChartsACP Features

Once fully-released, StockChartsACP will allow members to:

  • Create advanced technical charts, choosing from dozens of indicators, overlays, display settings and color schemes.
  • Configure and store customizable layouts with multiple charts on your screen at once.
  • Lock in your analysis with annotation tools and save them for future study.
  • Save your charts and settings in your account for on-the-go access.

You'll be able to use our new ACP tool for free on However, just like SharpCharts, the most powerful features of the platform will be reserved for StockCharts members. As a member, you will be able to create more advanced charts with more indicators, overlays, datasets and customizations. Plus, you'll have the ability to save charts, settings, annotations, multi-panel layouts and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the ACP tool be available only on desktop computers?
A: No. ACP will be available on any device, whether you're on a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Q: Will ACP replace SharpCharts?
A: No, the new ACP tool will be offered alongside our traditional SharpCharts tool. The two will serve as complements for each other.

Q: What data does the ACP tool use?
A: The ACP tool will use the exact same data as SharpCharts and the rest of the StockCharts website, meaning you'll be able to view the same ticker symbols as with any other tool. All data charted on the ACP tool will match the rest of StockCharts.