StockChartsACP Layouts

StockChartsACP Layouts


By default, only one chart is displayed in the StockChartsACP tool, but currently, members can display up to 12 charts at once using StockChartsACP Layouts.

Additional charts can be added to the layout one at a time, or you can choose a preconfigured layout to quickly add multiple charts at once.

Each chart can be updated independently, or you can use Sync Options to update multiple charts at the same time.

Note: Only StockCharts members can add chart panels in StockChartsACP. Free users will be limited to a single-chart layout.

Choosing a Layout

To quickly create a multi-chart layout in StockChartsACP, click the Grid icon in the Chart Design menu on the left.

In the panel that opens, choose the total number of charts you'd like in your Layout (up to a maximum of 12). You will be shown different options for how that number of charts can be arranged. Choose the arrangement you prefer, and the layout will be created on your screen:

Note: If you select a number greater than the number of charts currently in your layout, new default charts will be added for you. These can be edited like any other chart once they are created. If you select a number smaller than the number of charts currently in your layout, the extraneous charts will be deleted.

Adding Charts to StockChartsACP Layouts

Charts can also be added to your layout one at a time, rather than choosing the number of charts up front.

Simply click the “plus” icon at the top of the page to add another chart to your layout, up to a maximum of 12 charts. By default, the new chart will show the Dow Jones Industrial Average ($INDU), but the chart can be easily edited to change the symbol.

There are also a number of ways you can add a new chart to your layout with a specific symbol:

  • Type the desired ticker in the “Symbol” box at the top of the chart, then click the “plus” icon.
  • Type the desired ticker in the “Symbol” box at the top of the chart, then hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and press the Enter key.
  • Hold down the Shift key while clicking on one of the symbols in the Symbol Selection menus on the right.

Deleting Charts from StockChartsACP Layouts

To delete a chart from your StockChartsACP Layout, mouse over the chart in question, then click on the “X” icon in the upper right corner of the chart.

Editing Charts in a StockChartsACP Layout

Changing the symbol (or editing any other chart settings) for one of the charts in your layout is exactly the same as editing a standalone StockChartsACP chart.

To change the symbol on one of the charts in your StockChartsACP Layout, click on the chart and ensure that there is a green border around the edge of the chart. Then change the symbol as usual. In the example below, the CSCO chart on the right is the currently-selected one. 

Sync Options

If you have more than one chart in your layout that has the same ticker symbol, Sync Options allow you to change the symbol for all those charts at once. With this functionality, you could add long-, medium-, and short-term charts for a single symbol to your layout, then quickly change all three charts to a new symbol by entering a new ticker in the Symbol box at the top of the screen (similar to GalleryView charts).

By default, Sync Options are disabled and each chart's symbol is updated independently.

There are currently two ways to sync charts in your layout that have the same symbol:

  • Click the Checkerboard icon at the top of the screen to turn on this Sync Option.
  • In the Sync Options section of the Layouts tab, check the box for Symbol.

To turn off this Sync Option, either click the Checkerboard icon again, or uncheck the checkbox on the Layouts tab.

Enlarging a Single Chart in the Layout

When you have multiple charts in your layout, it can be handy to enlarge one chart so you can see more detail. To do this, mouse over the chart you want to enlarge. Next to the Chart Control Buttons at the bottom of the chart, there is a new button showing two arrows pointing in opposite directions. Click this button to maximize your chart.

The chart will expand to take up the entire layout area. The green border will remain around the maximized chart to remind you that there are other layout charts behind it.

When you are ready to reduce the chart back down to its normal size in the layout, mouse over the chart again to display the Chart Control Buttons, and click the button with two arrows pointing towards each other. This will shrink your chart back to its normal size and allow you to see the other charts in the layout again.

Note: You can also click the Shrink button in the top right corner of the chart to reduce the chart down to its normal size in the layout.