StockChartsACP Plug-Ins

StockChartsACP Plug-Ins


Plug-ins extend the functionality of StockChartsACP, allowing you to add specialized indicators and other features to the platform.

We recommend installing the free StockCharts Advanced Indicator Pack, featuring indicators for StockChartsACP that are not available elsewhere on the StockCharts site, including Balance of Power, DEMA, and TTM Squeeze. We'll use this indicator pack as an example in the section below on installing free plug-ins.

StockCharts has also partnered with technical analysis experts to bring you many additional plug-ins. Both free and paid plug-ins are available, and more are being added all the time. Please see the ACP Plug-Ins page in the StockCharts Marketplace for a complete list of plug-ins that are currently available, as well as a sneak peek at new plug-ins that are coming soon.

Installing StockChartsACP Plug-Ins

To add a StockChartsACP plug-in to your account, click the Plug-In Icon on the Platform Integrations menu at the bottom right. A panel will open up showing many of our plug-ins. Click the “Get the Plug-In” button for more information on a specific plug-in or click the “See All Plug-Ins” button at the bottom for a complete list.

Any of those links will take you to the StockCharts Marketplace, where you can purchase and install plug-ins.

Note: Be sure to log in to your StockCharts account before installing plug-ins.

Installing Free Plug-Ins

From the StockCharts Marketplace page for the free plug-in you want to install, click the green “Install Now” button.

A popup message will indicate that the plug-in has been successfully installed to your StockCharts account.

Click the Launch ACP button to return to StockChartsACP and begin using the new plug-in.

Installing Paid Plug-Ins

From the StockCharts Marketplace page for the paid plug-in you'd like to purchase and install, click the green “Buy Now” button.

A popup window will open where you can enter your contact and payment information.

Enter your contact information. Be sure to enter the same email address you use to log in to your StockCharts account. On the next screen, enter your payment information. Paypal and major credit cards are accepted.

Once the payment process is complete, return to StockChartsACP to begin using your new plug-in.

Using Plug-Ins in StockChartsACP

Your new plug-in functionality will be available immediately in StockChartsACP.

For indicator-based plug-ins, the new indicators associated with that plug-in will be available on the Chart Settings panel, listed at the bottom of the Add Indicators section. Click on the minus sign next to “All Indicators” to collapse this section. Then the indicators associated with the new plug-in will be more easily seen:

Help for Specific StockChartsACP Plug-Ins

Some of our plug-in authors offer additional documentation for their plug-ins, including instructions for using their plug-in functionality and information about the indicators included. The list below shows plug-ins that have additional documentation available at this time. Please see the StockCharts Marketplace for a complete list of available ACP Plug-Ins.

Larry Williams Stock Trading Starter Pack

This plug-in from Larry Williams features six unique stock trading tools developed by Larry Williams - the same indicators he uses in his own trading. Each indicator serves a specific and separate purpose; together, these tools can help you find winning trades and set entry/exit points.

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Trend Investor Pro Indicator Edge

This plug-in from Arthur Hill is designed to help you trade in the direction of the bigger trend. Define the trend and spot new trends using the unique five-indicator Trend Composite. Identify pullbacks and mean-reversion opportunities using the fully-customizable Momentum Composite. This plug-in also includes normalized volatility, normalized rate-of-change and some classic indicators with a distinctive twist.

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