MarketGauge Plug-Ins

MarketGauge Plug-Ins

Welcome to the Triple Play Indicators and Real Motion plug-ins from MarketGauge. These two StockChartsACP plug-ins feature tools to quickly identify and act on trends. Check out our MarketGauge Plug-Ins overview video below, or just read on to learn how to get the most out of these plug-ins.

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Triple Play Plug-In

The best trend trades are in stocks and ETFs that are leading the market up (or down). The trades are even more reliable when they have supporting volume trends powering the move. The Triple Play plug-in enables you to quickly identify the trends in stocks and ETFs that have either the strength to continue or a hidden weakness that is likely to lead to an unexpected reversal.

This plug-in includes two indicators: the MarketGauge Leadership Line and the MarketGauge Volume Trend Line. These two indicators can be combined with Bollinger Bands to find setups that lead explosive moves.

MarketGauge Leadership Line

This trend indicator measures leadership in multiple time frames so you can spot emerging leaders and failing trends quickly. With this indicator, you’ll easily discover stocks and ETFs with strong leadership trends. The indicator can be used on both short-term and long-term charts. By default, the security is compared to SPY, but that benchmark can be changed in the indicator settings.

MarketGauge Volume Trend Line

This volume trend strength indicator enables you to confirm the strength of price trends and identify developing bullish and bearish conditions before they show up in the price trend. With this indicator, you won't have to analyze volume bars to know when the volume activity is bullish or bearish. The indicator can be used on both short-term and long-term charts.

Real Motion Plug-In

Price trends are influenced by factors we can't see in the price charts alone. Momentum is one of the most influential of these invisible factors that determine price trends. The Real Motion indicator in this plug-in enables you to see the momentum trends along with support and resistance levels in momentum, which in turn, influence price trends. This indicator can be used on both short-term and long-term charts. For ease of setup, this indicator is listed twice in the ACP indicator list: one defaults to a 200- and 50-period configuration, and the other with a 50- and 10-period configuration. These values can be modified to meet your trading needs.

Using the Plug-Ins

The Triple Play and Real Motion plug-ins from MarketGauge are frequently used in concert, by adding all three indicators to a single chart.

The Leadership Line indicator shows how the stock is performing relative to a benchmark, the Volume Trend Line indicator monitors performance trends in volume, and the Real Motion indicator compares price trends to momentum trends. Together, they give a comprehensive picture of the security's performance.