Paid Chartpacks

Paid Chartpacks

Paid chartpacks are available for purchase from the Store in the ChartPacks area.

Many paid chartpacks are companions to books sold in the store. These chartpacks will contain charts (and possibly styles and/or scans) depicted in the book, allowing you to extend that content to your own lists.

Once you have purchased the chartpack, it will be installed into your account and you will receive an email acknowledging the installation. It will then appear in your list of installed chartpacks along with any free chartpacks. You can remove or reinstall the chartpack by clicking the respective buttons for that chartpack.

Subscription Chartpacks

Some paid chartpacks follow a subscription model where the purchase of a chartpack gives you access to updated content for some period of time. After that time you have the option of buying another update period, or simply keeping the most recent version you have.

If you have a chartpack which has an expiration date for updates, that date will be displayed in the Chartpacks area on the Your Account page:

Note that unlike other charpacks, if your update period expires and the charpack is uninstalled or modified, it cannot be reinstalled without purchasing a new subscription.