Public ChartLists

Public ChartLists

Public ChartLists give our members a chance to share their own market commentary with the world. Any Extra or Pro member can create a ChartList, fill it up with great annotated charts and market commentary and share it publicly on These shared ChartLists are free for anyone to read; many contain some very high-quality market analysis and trading ideas.

Periodically, all Public ChartLists are ranked according to several different popularity factors, including unique visitors, votes from members, “followers” and other factors. The top 100 Public ChartLists appear on the main Public ChartList page, ranked in order of popularity based on these factors. Authors that create popular content consistently will appear higher on the Public ChartList page.

Accessing the Public ChartLists Area

A link to the Public ChartList area appears on the right side of the Charts & Tools page in the “Additional Tools & Reports” area, as well as the “Member Tools” section of Your Dashboard.

You can also see the top 5 Public ChartLists on the right side of the Articles page, along with a link to see all Public ChartLists.

Finding a Specific Public ChartList

Public ChartList authors can label their list with up to three different categories, which help make it easier for you to find lists that match your investing interests. Use the “Show” dropdown menu at the top of the Public ChartLists page to display only lists that belong to a particular category.

If you are looking for a particular Public ChartList author, you can click the “Last Name” header in the top row in order to sort by author's last name. You can also use our website search functionality to search for Public ChartLists that contain a certain symbol or keyword.

Voting for a Public ChartList

StockCharts members can vote each day for up to three Public ChartLists that they like. Voting for a list rewards the list's author with additional “Popularity” points. Each individual vote's impact on a list's rank diminishes gradually over time. Old votes are eventually removed from the list's total, so be sure to re-vote for your favorite three Public ChartLists every day.

To vote for a Public ChartList, click on the gold “Vote” button that appears on the right side of the list's page. Only members can vote, so if you don't see the gold “Vote” button next to your favorite lists, make sure you are logged in.

A gold banner at the top of the main Public ChartLists page will tell you how many votes you have left to cast for the day.

Following a Public ChartList

If you enjoy reading a particular Public ChartList and would like to be notified whenever it is updated, click on the blue “Follow” button that appears on the right side of the list's page. This will mark that Public ChartList as a favorite of yours (with a gold star by its name) and send you an email whenever updates are made to that list. Following a Public ChartList will also reward the list's author with additional “Popularity” points.

To quickly see a list of the Public ChartLists you are following, choose “ChartLists I'm Following” from the “Show” dropdown menu at the top of the Public ChartLists page.

Members can follow as many Public ChartLists as they want. Unlike voting, you only need to follow a list once. That setting remains in effect until you click the blue “Unfollow” button on the right side of the list's page. If you unfollow a list, you will no longer receive email updates about that Public ChartList.

Authoring Your Own Public ChartList

Interested in creating your own Public ChartList? Get all the details in our Becoming a Public ChartList Author article in the Support Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I contact a Public ChartList author?
A: If the author has enabled the feedback setting for their Public ChartList, you can click the “send feedback” link, located in the upper right corner on the first page of their list, to contact them via email.

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