StockCharts TV

StockCharts TV

StockCharts TV is the web's premier 24/7 video streaming channel devoted exclusively to financial charting, technical analysis and current market commentary from the web's top technical experts, including Tom Bowley, Erin Swenlin, Arthur Hill, Greg Schnell and more.

With a constant stream of technical charting-focused content, including both live shows and pre-recorded video, StockCharts TV allows investors and traders to tune into a nonstop flow of insightful, educational and entertaining financial programming, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Free to watch, the channel can be accessed from any web-enabled device, whether a viewer is at the office on a desktop computer, at home on a laptop or on the go with a smartphone.

Watching StockCharts TV

We've made it very easy to tune in to StockCharts TV using the embedded Livestream Video Player on our site. No software installation is required; just click on the StockCharts TV link at the top of any page to go to the StockCharts TV page and watch!

Shortly before any live show begins, we will place a red “LIVE” label next to the StockCharts TV link, indicating that a live show is taking place.

Livestream Setup and Controls

The Livestream Video Player, which loads right in your web browser, is fairly simple to use. When you mouse over the video screen during a broadcast, several controls will appear on the screen that allow you to adjust your video player settings.

Screen Size

In the bottom right corner, there is a button that allows you to go to full screen. If you want to increase the size of the player without entering full screen, you can do so by increasing the size of your browser window.


In the bottom left, there is a speaker icon that allows you to control the sound. Mouse over this icon and then move the slider bar to the right of the icon in order to increase or decrease the volume.

Clicking on the speaker icon will mute or unmute the sound. If the icon has an “X” on it, that means the speakers are muted.

Pausing, Rewinding and Rewatching

The Livestream Video Player allows you to pause, play, rewind and fast forward, just like a DVR.

While the video is playing, there will be a Pause icon in the bottom left of the screen. Click on this to toggle between play and pause. You can also move the slider bar above the icon in order to go forward or backward within the video.

If you have rewound to an earlier point in the broadcast, you can return to live content (what is being broadcast right now) by clicking the “Go to Live” icon that appears to the right of the pause/play icon. If you're viewing live content, it will say “LIVE” in the upper left corner; otherwise, it will read “DVR.”

For complete instructions about using the Livestream DVR feature, click here.

Asking Questions During Live Shows

To the right of the video screen, there is a panel used for chatting and polls. To ask questions during a live show, make sure the Questions tab is selected at the top of the panel.

Asking questions or suggesting ticker symbols for commentators to review is as simple as clicking the green “Ask” button at the bottom of the chat window and typing in your question. If you've never asked a question on the show before, you will be prompted to enter your name before you can submit.

Be aware that everyone else watching the broadcast can see your chat questions. Please be respectful and professional with your questions. moderates each question, so it may take a few moments for your question to appear in the chat window.

Providing Feedback After Live Shows

After a live show, we'd appreciate you taking a minute to fill out our one-question survey to give us some feedback on that day's show. You can find a link to the survey to the right of the video player.

Accessing the Show Archives

We offer a recording of the latest edition of live shows for a limited time. The recording will be made available on the YouTube channel within a few hours of the live show airing.

On the YouTube channel, there are playlists for each of our live shows. Simply click on the video for the show you want to view.

StockCharts TV Schedule

Directly underneath the video player is our TV schedule, which displays all the upcoming shows for the day. Live shows are marked with a red “Live Show” banner, while re-runs of live shows are marked with a blue “Re-Run” banner or link to the YouTube recording of the show.

StockCharts TV offers several live shows, including the daily MarketWatchers LIVE program with Tom Bowley and Erin Swenlin, biweekly shows from Arthur Hill and Greg Schnell and weekly content from Carl Swenlin, Bruce Fraser and Mary Ellen McGonagle, among others.

Learn More: StockCharts TV's Live Shows

Troubleshooting Problems

Most Livestream issues are related to either sound or the quality of your internet connection.

Sound Issues

If you're watching the video, but can't hear any sounds, please check the following:

  • Can you hear sound from other sources? Play something from iTunes or YouTube to make sure your speakers are on and working. Be sure to try using headphones as well.
  • Check the speaker icon on the Livestream player. If you look at the bottom left corner of the player and see the speaker icon with an “X,” that means the player is muted. Click the icon to unmute the player.

Quality Issues

If the video or audio are somewhat choppy during the broadcast, you may be experiencing buffering issues (where your internet connection can't download the video fast enough to keep up with you watching it). Please try the following:

  • Pause the video for a few seconds, then press play again. This will give the video a few extra seconds to be downloaded before you view it.
  • Try changing the resolution for the video stream. To do this, mouse over the video screen and click the “HD” button in the lower right corner. By default, your resolution is set to “Auto,” which will choose the best resolution for the internet bandwidth you have available. If you are experiencing buffering issues, try setting the video to a lower resolution, as shown below.

If you have tried these solutions but are continuing to have issues, please visit the Livestream support site for full technical support and help with using the Livestream player.

Watching with the StockCharts TV App

StockCharts has also developed an official StockCharts TV app for iOS and Android devices, which is available for free on the App Store for iOS devices and on Google Play for Android devices. The app runs a simplified version of the Livestream Video Player for viewing StockCharts TV on the go from your mobile device.

Users can click on the video display in the app to reveal the player controls. The button in the bottom left corner allows you to toggle between pause and play, while the bottom right corner has buttons to mute or unmute the feed and to go expand to full screen.

You can control the volume on the app by changing your phone's internal volume. If you're not hearing any sound at all when using the app on your iPhone, your phone itself may be muted.

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