Do you provide "streaming" charts?


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 +====== Do you provide "​streaming"​ charts? ======
 + does not provide true streaming charts at this time; however, we do provide auto-refreshing charts to members. With "​auto-refreshing"​ charts, you have most of of the benefits of streaming charts without all the hassles.
 +Many people confuse the concepts of "​streaming"​ charts and "​auto-refreshing"​ charts. Streaming charts are interactive charts that are created by special software that runs on the user's computer using data from a custom datafeed. True streaming charts require special software and/or plug-ins to be installed on the user's computer before they can work.
 +Auto-refreshing charts are charts created by our servers that are automatically updated after a specified period of time. These charts do not require any special software or a custom datafeed, but still provide most of the same functionality as streaming charts.