How do I add a live SharpChart to an InvestorsHub Post?

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How do I add a live SharpChart to an InvestorsHub Post? allows users to create posts on InvestorsHub with live versions of SharpCharts in them. All iHub users will be able to see daily or weekly charts in these posts; StockCharts members will also be able to see intraday charts as well.

NOTE: There is a strict limit of 4 charts per iHub post! Anyone who consistently includes more than 4 charts in a single post will be reported to InvestorsHub admins.

Create Your SharpChart

Begin by creating a SharpChart just as you would normally do. Be sure to press the “Update” button when you are finished changing your settings.

Note: Non-members will not be able to see charts that use member-only features, such as intraday periods or more than 3 overlays/indicators.

Click on the “Permalink” link located just below the chart, then click the “Reload with Link” button in the box that appears.

Note: Do not use the “Shorten URL” checkbox.

Copy Chart to Clipboard

Note: The steps for accomplishing this will depend on the browser you are using.

  • Firefox Users: Right-click on the chart and select “Copy Image Location”.
  • Chrome Users: Right-click on the chart and select “Copy Image URL”.
  • Safari Users: Right-click on the chart and select “Copy Image Address”.
  • Internet Explorer Users: Right-click on the chart and select “Properties.” A box will then appear; right-click on the phrase “”, choose “Select All”, then right-click on “” again and choose “Copy”.

Create your iHub Post

Go to the InvestorsHub website, navigate to the board that you want to post on and use the “Post New Msg” link to create a new post. In the text box in the middle of the page, enter the written content of your message. (Be careful NOT to copy and paste from your computer's clipboard; if you do, you will lose the chart link we just copied.)

Next, move the cursor to the location where you want your chart to appear and press “CTRL-V” on your keyboard (“Cmd-V” on a Mac) to insert the link. You should see something similar to the picture above on your screen.

Format Chart for iHub

Now that you've added your chart link, delete the phrase “https:” (or “http:”) from the front of it.

Next, insert the phrase “[chart]” at the start of the link.

Add the phrase “[/chart]” to the end of the link.

Check Your Work

Click the “Preview” button (#1) to make sure your iHub Chart Link works correctly. If things look good, click the “Submit Post” (#2) button to finalize your post.

Troubleshooting: If you see a red X or broken image icon instead of a chart, it probably means that you forgot to delete the “https://” (both slashes) from the front of the link. If you see “[chart][chart]” instead of a chart, it means you forgot to add the “/” character in the front of the second “[/chart]” block.