How do I add an overlay to an indicator?


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 +====== How do I add an overlay to an indicator? ======
 +All StockCharts members have the ability to chart overlays of indicators. (This option is not available for non-members'​ charts.) If the "​Advanced Options"​ area isn't visible, click the green triangle icon to make it appear. First, use the "​Overlay"​ dropdown to select the overlay that you are interested in and modify any parameters if necessary. Afterwards, click the "​Update"​ button.
 +To illustrate how this is done, here is an example of how to add a Simple Moving Average to the Price Indicator:
 +  - Select the "​Price"​ indicator from the drop-down menu. For this example, we have chosen $SPX as the parameter. {{:​faqs:​overlay.png}}
 +  - Next, select "​Simple Moving Average"​ from the Overlay dropdown in the "​Advanced Options"​. If the overlay has parameters, they will automatically populate with the "​default"​ parameters for that overlay; however, you can customize them with your preferences. In this case, we left the parameters with the default of 50 days.
 +  - Click "​Update"​.
 +Here's what the finished chart should look like: