How do I Add Vertical Space Above a Chart for Annotations?


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 +======How do I Add Vertical Space Above a Chart for Annotations?​======
 +While there is no direct way to add more vertical space to a chart'​s Price Plot area currently, there is a method you can use to get what you need.
 +The "​trick"​ is to add an invisible indicator just above (or below) the price plot area so that you can extend your annotations into that blank space. (**Note:** You will need to be a subscriber in order to accomplish this.) Here are the steps:
 +  - Add the "On Balance Volume"​ indicator to your chart. ​ (OBV doesn'​t have a vertical scale, which makes it ideal for this purpose.)
 +  - Open the "​Advanced Options"​ area of the Indicator section of the workbench by clicking on the green triangle icon.
 +  - Use the "Down Triangle"​ in the "​Reorder"​ area to move the OBV indicator to the bottom of the indicator list (if it isn't there already).
 +  - Set the OBV's "​Position"​ dropdown to "​Above"​ (or "​Below"​ if you are adding space at the bottom of the chart).
 +  - Set the OBV's "​Opacity"​ to 0.0 to make it invisible.
 +  - If you need lots of space, you can adjust the OBV's "​Height"​ setting also.
 +  - (Optional) Enter 20 (or whatever you need) into the "Extra Bars" box under the chart
 +  - Click "​Update"​. Voila! You now have a chart with lots of room for your trend line and Fibonacci projections.