How do I bookmark a chart?


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 +====== How do I bookmark a chart? ======
 +Whether you're a StockCharts member or a free user, the ability to bookmark a chart can be a useful thing to know, allowing for quick access to your chart as well as the ability to save charts that you create. Please follow these steps to learn how prepare a customized link for your chart. Afterwards, you'll be able to safely bookmark the chart as you would any other webpage on your browser.
 +Let's begin by creating a SharpChart that contains the attributes, overlays and indicators that you want. To learn about how to create SharpCharts,​ please refer to our [[:​sharpcharts:​]] documentation.
 +Before you can bookmark a chart to your browser'​s "​favorites"​ area, you will first need to click "​Permalink"​ below the chart (as indicated with the red arrow in the above image), followed by the "​Reload with Link" button in the pop-up window that subsequently appears. Now, you will have a detailed description of your chart stored in our database. The page will be reloaded with a slightly altered web address, now containing a "P number"​ (e.g. "​P123456"​). Web addresses with P numbers can be bookmarked safely. If you forget this step and simply store the original page address instead, you will see our default $INDU chart when you click your bookmark.
 +Once this is complete, you will able to safely bookmark your chart for easy access from your browser.