How do I change the settings for all the charts in a ChartList?


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 +====== How do I change the settings for all the charts in a ChartList? ======
 +StockCharts users have a couple of different methods available to change the settings for all of the charts in a given ChartList. ​
 +The first method requires the use of the SharpCharts Workbench. Here are the steps:
 +  - Select the ChartList you want to update using the dropdown menu at the top of the workbench.
 +  - Select a chart from that list and adjust it to the settings you want for the other charts in the list. If there is already a chart in your ChartList with the settings you want, you can choose that chart instead.
 +  - Scroll to the ChartList Actions box located below the chart and click the "Apply Style to All" link.
 +  - You will be asked to confirm the changes by answering several questions; please read each question carefully and select the correct answer.
 +**Note:** For Basic Members, there is only one ChartList, so there is no need to select the specific ChartList you want to update.
 +The second method for changing the settings on multiple charts in a ChartList uses ChartStyles and the Edit View. For step-by-step directions on using this method, please see [[:​chartlists:​how_do_i_apply_a_chartstyle_to_one_of_my_chartlists|our Support Center article on applying ChartStyles to ChartLists]].