How do I create a moving average of the Open, High or Low?


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 +====== How do I create a moving average of the Open, High or Low?======
 +//Do you want to know the moving average of a certain stock'​s open, high or low? In this article, we discuss the steps to take to find the moving average value for the open, high or low.// ​
 +==== Adjust the Moving Average Parameters ====
 +To create a moving average for the open, high or low, you will need to add a second parameter to the moving average by adding the letter O for open, H for high and L for low. For example, if you want the 50-day simple moving average of the open, you would use "​50,​O"​ as the parameters. If you wanted the 50-day moving average of the low, you would use "​50,​L"​ instead. For the high, you would enter "​50,​H"​ as the parameters. An example of what this will look like on a chart is presented with $INDU below.
 +Keep in mind that this works for both Simple Moving Averages and Exponential Moving Averages.