How can I plot a "Price Relative" chart?


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 +====== How can I plot a "Price Relative"​ chart? ======
 +To add a Price Relative line to a SharpChart, simply add a "​Price"​ indicator to the chart and set its parameter field equal to the ratio of your chart'​s main ticker symbol and the other ticker you want to compare it to.
 +For example, to create a Price Relative plot comparing IBM to the S&P 500, just create an IBM chart and add the Price Indicator to it with the parameter "​IBM:​$SPX"​.
 +By using the Price indicator instead of the old Price Relative one, you gain a lot more flexibility including the ability to overlay another indicator on top of it, the ability to plot it behind your main chart, and the ability to add ratios for unrelated ticker symbols.
 +Note: Whenever you change the main ticker symbol for a chart, we automatically change any ratio symbols for the chart that contain that same symbol.