How do I create a scan based on weekly or monthly data?


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 +======How do I create a scan based on weekly or monthly data?======
 +If you are using the Standard Scan Workbench, simply change the "Date Offset"​ part of the "​Additional Technical Expression"​ from "Days Ago" to "Weeks Ago" and adjust the corresponding parameters.
 +If you are using the Advanced Scan Workbench, simply add the word "​weekly"​ or "​monthly"​ in front of the expression that you are using. To refer to previous weeks or months, you can add modifiers like "6 months ago" or "last week'​s"​ where appropriate.
 +Here are a few examples:
 +  * [weekly MACD Line(12,​26,​9) x 0]
 +  * [monthly RSI(14) > 0]
 +  * [daily close > weekly close]
 +  * [this week's high > 2 weeks ago high]
 +  * [monthly low < last month'​s low]