How do I draw a trend line on a chart?


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 +====== How do I draw a trend line on a chart? ======
 +To draw a trend line on your chart, simply follow the steps below:
 +  - Click the "​Annotate"​ link from directly below the chart in the SharpChart Workbench. This will open the chart in our ChartNotes annotation tool.
 +  - Select the **Trendline Tool** ​ at the left side of the screen. ​
 +  - Click and drag your mouse from the beginning to the end of the line.
 +  - To change the line position, click and drag the yellow squares ("​handles"​) at either end.
 +  - To shift the line's position without changing the angle, click on the center of the line.
 +Here is an image of where you can find the Trendline tool: 
 +To learn more about the ChartNotes annotation tool, please refer to our [[:​chartnotes|ChartNotes Annotation Tool - User Documentation]] page. Additionally,​ you can watch our  [[http://​​videos/?​=drawing+lines&​fv=usvs-ah-chartnoteslinetoolanno|video]] on how to draw a trend line.