I'm having trouble using your site. What should I do?


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 +====== I'm having trouble using your site. What should I do?======
 +If you're experiencing technical difficulties while using StockCharts.com,​ try out some of the options below. These are generally pretty effective at fixing user issues on our website.
 +  * Make sure that you have enabled support for cookies from our site. 
 +  * If you have any Internet or Privacy Filters installed, make sure that you have added "​stockcharts.com"​ to the "​Allowed Sites" lists for those programs.
 +  * Make sure that you have disabled any pop-up ad-blocking software for "​stockcharts.com"​.
 +  * Clear your browser'​s temporary file cache completely. Directions for your browser can be found at: https://​www.refreshyourcache.com/​
 +  * Restart your computer.
 +These options will allow you to solve a whole host of problems. If these do not fix your problem, then check out the [[:​trouble|Troubleshooting area]] of our Support Center for more suggestions.