What is StockCharts.com?

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What is StockCharts.com?

StockCharts.com provides online investors with high-quality technical charts for stocks, funds and indexes from the US, Canada, UK and India. Our website has been awarded the prestigious “Readers Choice Award for Best Technical Website” from the readers of Stocks & Commodities magazine for every year since 2002.

Our SharpCharts charting tool allows anyone to quickly create high-quality bar and candlestick charts using any web browser, without the need for any plug-ins. Users can then add technical indicators and line studies to analyze stocks and determine advantageous buy and sell levels. Many other kinds of technical charting tools are also available on the website.

StockCharts also provides expert commentary from industry legends John Murphy and Martin Pring, along with frequent technically-focused articles from Arthur Hill, Greg Schnell, Carl Swenlin, Erin Swenlin, Gatis Roze and many other technical analysis experts.

Finally, StockCharts.com is the home of ChartSchool - the biggest online collection of technical analysis articles available anywhere.