Part 6: Setting Up Custom Alerts to Stay on Top of Key Market Moves

Part 6: Setting Up Custom Alerts to Stay on Top of Key Market Moves

What's a Technical Alert?

When you set up a custom technical alert as a StockCharts member, we will continually search our entire database of stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and more to uncover symbols that meet your exact technical criteria. Perhaps you're interested in stocks crossing their 20-day moving average, or ETFs setting a new 52-week high. Whatever it may be, we'll notify you via email, text message, or a site notification on the SharpCharts Workbench whenever your specific technical alerts are triggered!

Setting Up a Technical Alert

As an Extra or a Pro member, you can create and install your own custom alerts using specific technical criteria. Extra members can create and run up to 10 different alerts, while Pro members can create and run up to 100. To create, edit and run a custom alert, use the Technical Alert Workbench (accessible from Your Dashboard).

You'll find the Technical Alert Workbench very similar to our Advanced Scan Workbench. Once you've created and saved your new alert, you can view and manage it from the Alert Center page (also accessible from Your Dashboard).

From the Technical Alert Workbench, you can create two types of alerts: Price Alerts, which notify you when the price of a stock or fund crosses above or below a specific level, and Advanced Alerts, which allow you to specify your own specific technical parameters and receive notifications whenever that criteria is triggered by a stock or fund in our database.

We strongly encourage you to check out our instructional video on creating your own technical alerts. It will help you better understand exactly how to set up and use this powerful members-only feature. Click here to watch now.

For complete instructions on using our Technical Alert Workbench, click here.

Predefined Technical Alerts

Our custom technical alerts feature is deeply powerful, but in addition to creating your own alerts in your account, we also have a simpler resource for you - Predefined Technical Alerts.

Based on the most common technical scans we see, these predefined alerts are automatically run each day. Checking the predefined alerts for important technical developments is a great way to find new opportunities for your next move. This is also a great place to start if you're new to technical scanning. You'll find some powerful signals in our predefined alerts.

In addition to our dedicated Predefined Technical Alerts page, you can also add the predefined alerts to Your Dashboard panels. Use the dropdown menu in the top right “Market Movers” panel to customize what you see and add the predefined alerts to your page.

To visit the Predefined Technical Alerts page, click here.

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