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 +====== About Us ======
 +StockCharts.com was founded in 1999 by Chip Anderson, a 10-year veteran of Microsoft. It won its first award for charting excellence in 2002. It has been named "Best Technical Analysis Website"​ by the readers of //Stocks & Commodities//​ magazine for every year since then. We have also been named "​Editor'​s Choice: Best Charting Software"​ by the AAII on several different occasions.
 +===== History =====
 +  * We launched our website in June of 1999.
 +  * In 2000, we launched our original SharpCharts charting tool.
 +  * In 2001, StockCharts.com hired Arthur Hill as its Senior Technical Analyst.
 +  * In 2003, we launched our Scan Engine technical screening tool.
 +  * In 2004, StockCharts.com acquired MurphyMorris.com and hired John Murphy as its Chief Technical Analyst.
 +  * In 2005, we launched our upgraded "​SharpCharts 2" charting tool.
 +  * In 2008, we began "​StockCharts University,"​ a series of educational seminars given throughout the country.
 +  * In 2011, we held our first conference in downtown Seattle. ChartCon 2011 was attended by over 200 people.
 +  * In 2011, we partnered with Gatis Roze, the author of the "​Traders Journal"​ blog.
 +  * In 2012, we held ChartCon 2012 in downtown Seattle which was attended by over 250 people.
 +  * In 2013, we hired Greg Schnell as a Senior Technical Analyst.
 +  * In 2014, we acquired DecisionPoint.com and hired Carl Swenlin and Erin Swenlin as Senior Technical Analysts.
 +  * In 2014, we partnered with Martin Pring adding his "​Market Roundup"​ blog to the site.
 +  * In 2014, we partnered with RRG Research adding their RRG Charts to the site.
 +  * In 2014, we held ChartCon 2014 in downtown Seattle with speakers including John Murphy, Martin Pring, Alexander Elder and Richard Arms.
 +  * In 2015, we hired Tom Bowley as a Senior Technical Analyst.
 +  * In 2015, we launched a series of webinars hosted by Greg Schnell, Tom Bowley, Erin Swenlin and others.
 +  * In 2016, we started rolling out a new look-and-feel for the site by revamping the Blogs area of the website.
 +  * In 2016, we added stocks from the London Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India to our database.
 +  * In 2016, we launched a new HTML5-based version of our ChartNotes annotation tool.
 +  * In 2016, we held our first //online// ChartCon conference with over ten times the number of attendees!
 +  * In 2017, we rolled out our new unbundled pricing model with many more data plan options than before.
 +  * In 2017, we rolled out a new Homepage design and moved much of the market information onto the Members Dashboard.