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 +====== Customer Support Policies ======
 +===== Contacting Customer Support =====
 +We provide Customer Support to our users via online educational resources and email messages. ​ **We do not provide phone support.**
 +Our Support Staff is a limited resource. ​ They try to respond to all messages as quickly as possible however they can only do so much.  Users can submit questions directly to our support staff using our [[http://​​support/​techsupport.html|Support Request Form]].
 +Our Support Staff has the following limitations:​
 +  * We try to respond to all support requests within one business day, typically much sooner.
 +  * We cannot provide investment advice.
 +  * We can only provide limited support for computer configuration problems.
 +Users are expected to help our support staff in the following ways:
 +  * Send messages that are clear, polite and respectful.
 +  * Research problems using the self-help resources on our site before sending in a support request.
 +  * Have patience when waiting for responses.
 +  * Clearly explain what the problem is, what steps we can take to re-create the problem, what appears on the screen, and how big an impact the problem creates.
 +  * Make sure that emails from [[]] are not blocked or filtered as "​Junk"​
 +  * Messages that are disrespectful,​ profane or deliberately antagonistic will not be responded to.
 +===== Expected Response Time =====
 +Most customer support requests will be responded to within 24 hours (often much sooner). ​ If there is a sitewide problem that generates a large volume of requests, we may choose to respond via [[http://​​status|our Status blog]] instead of individually.
 +===== Abusive Behavior Restrictions =====
 +While the vast majority of our customers abide by our policies above, people that consistantly violate those policies may be banned from receiving Customer Support replies in the future.