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 +====== Electronic Media Reprint Policy ======
 +===== Charts =====
 +**We do not allow our live charts to be embedded in other websites.** This is a restriction placed upon us by the various stock exchanges. For websites, that means you cannot use IMG tags to link to any charts on our site.
 +That said, we do allow charts from our website to be **//​snapshotted/​copied//​** into any form of electronic media (website, blog, etc.) for free, as long as the following restrictions are followed:
 +  - Charts from member-only areas of the website (e.g. Market Message, Art's Charts, Martin Pring'​s Market Roundup) cannot be reposted.
 +  - Charts must be copied manually. You cannot use a script or program to copy the charts.
 +  - **Our copyright notice, which appears on every chart, must be visible and unmodified.**
 +  - "Chart courtesy of StockCharts.com"​ must be placed somewhere near the chart reproduction. If the chart is on a website, we request that the "​StockCharts.com"​ portion of this notice be linked to our website at (https://​stockcharts.com).
 +  - Contact us if you plan on regularly copying more than 50 charts per day.
 +===== Articles =====
 +Please note that we do not allow our blog articles or ChartSchool articles to be republished in their entirety in any format. **Short excerpts may be used as long as proper attribution is given.** ​ Please [[mailto:​support@stockcharts.com|contact our support team]] if you want to use passages longer than one paragraph.
 +We also do not allow republishing of any portion of the articles from the members-only areas of the website (e.g. Market Message, Art's Charts, Martin Pring'​s Market Roundup).