Excessive Chart Requests Policy


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 +====== Excessive Chart Requests Policy ======
 +**Non-Pro Members cannot request more than 1 chart per second on average over any 15-minute period.**
 +**Pro Members cannot request more than 2 charts per second on average over any 15-minute period.**
 +While the number of charts we can provide to our users is very large, it is not infinite, meaning we do have to impose some limitations on chart requests. Non-Pro members can request up to 1 chart per second on average over a 15-minute period (i.e. 60 charts per minute). Pro members, meanwhile, can request up to 2 charts per second (120 charts per minute) on average.
 +People who open a large number of auto-refreshing charts can run afoul of these limits if they are not careful. If you have more than 15 charts refreshing at 15-second intervals, you are requesting more than 1 chart per second and are violating our policy. If you must have lots of charts auto-refreshing,​ we recommend reducing the refresh interval to 30 or 60 seconds.
 +If you exceed these limits, you will see a warning message in place of your charts. The warning message means that you have requested too many charts and that you need to reduce the number of auto-refreshing charts that you are requesting. Once you do that, the warning message will disappear.
 +**Note:** If you ignore the warning message and continue to request an excessive number of charts from our website, your account may be disabled.