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 +====== Loyalty Discount Program ======
 +Long-term members are granted access to a loyalty discount coupon one year after their membership begins. ​ They can use that coupon to receive a discount on future upgrade or renewal orders for any of our subscription services. ​ A new loyalty discount coupon code is awarded each year that a you remain a subscriber.
 +Long-term members can retrieve their loyalty coupon by clicking on the "​badge"​ icon that appears at the top of the "​Members"​ page right after they log into their account. ​ (There is also a link to in on the right side of the "​Members"​ page and on the "Your Account"​ page.)
 +Loyalty discount coupons have the following restrictions:​
 +  * They cannot be transferred or shared.
 +  * They must be entered into the "​Coupon Code" field at the time the order is placed.
 +  * They cannot be retroactively applied to an order that has already been processed.
 +  * Coupons can be used in conjunction with any site-wide "​specials"​ that we run from time to time.
 +  * Each coupon cannot be used more than once.
 +  * Only one coupon can be used per order.
 +  * Coupons are not automatically applied to auto-renew orders. ​ To use a coupon, you must place your order manually.
 +  * A new, more valuable coupon is issued to your account on the anniversary of your start date.
 +  * Once a new coupon is issued for your account, your old one becomes invalid.
 +  * Coupon codes may be used only once per year. (A year starts the day you joined StockCharts)
 +To learn more about how to find and use your discount loyalty code, please [[http://​stockcharts.com/​articles/​step_by_step/​2012/​01/​how-do-i-find-and-use-my-long-term-loyalty-discount-code.html|read this Step By Step article]].
 +===== Frequently Asked Questions =====
 +**Q: How do I apply my loyalty coupon?**
 +A: After selecting the number of months you'd like to add to your subscription,​ click on the blue link labelled "Click here if you have a coupon code" and then enter your code.
 +**Q: Why isn't the loyalty coupon applied automatically?​**
 +A: There are a couple of reasons that the loyalty coupon cannot be applied automatically:​
 +  * Each year's coupon can only be once however there are several different ways that you might want to use it.  For example, some people may want to first place a 1-month order without the coupon so that they can use it later for a 2-year order. ​ Because there are so many diffent ways each coupon can be used, we want to leave it up to you as to how best to apply it.
 +  * Coupons that are automatically applied are essentially a price cut and that is not the purpose of having our loyalty coupons. ​ Their purpose is to reward active, knowledgeable users of our service for their loyalty.
 +  * Coupons can be combined with other offers and other coupons.
 +**Q: One percent per year seems pretty small. ​ Why is it so small and how can I make it larger?**
 +A: Our regular prices are already very low relative to the cost of the data and the overall value that our service provides. ​ Reducing those prices significantly would precent us from providing the quality of service most users expect.
 +That said, there is a way that you can double the value of your Loyalty discount. ​ If you take and pass the SCU ChartWatchers Certification Exam, we will automatically double the value of your Loyalty discount from 1% per year to 2% per year.  (The Loyalty discount cannot exceed 20% however.) ​ [[http://​stockcharts.com/​sales/​certified-chartwatcher.html|Click here]] for more information on taking the SCU Certification Exam.