Markets and Stocks Provided


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 +====== Markets and Stocks Provided ======
 +Currently, StockCharts has access to data from the following markets:
 +  * New York Stock Exchange (US)
 +  * Nasdaq Stock Exchange (US)
 +  * Amex Stock Exchange (US)
 +  * BATS Exchange (US)
 +  * TSX Stock Exchange (Canada)
 +  * TSX-Venture Stock Exchange (Canada)
 +  * London Stock Exchange (UK)
 +  * National Stock Exchange of India (India)
 +We have datasets for most ticker symbols in each of the markets we cover, but not necessarily all ticker symbols. We do not automatically provide data for extremely low-priced stocks since **technical analysis techniques do not work with such stocks** ​ and the charts for those stocks can be **extremely misleading**.
 +If you would like to see a particular ticker symbol in a market that we cover, but we do not have that symbol in our database, you can request that we add that symbol by using [[https://​​support/​symbolrequest.html|our Symbol Request form]].