No Service Level Guarantees


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 +====== No Service Level Guarantees ======
 +**We cannot guarantee the availability of our service. ​ There are too many variables that are out of our control for us to make such a guarantee.**
 +That said, we will work as hard as possible to ensure that our service is up and running whenever you need it.  You can examine our availability track record via this report from,​ an independent performance monitoring service. ​ We also maintain a [[http://​​status|Status blog]] where we report all service availability issues, even the ones that don't directly affect users.
 +If you are making second-by-second trading decisions, we strongly recommend that you have a backup quote service available in case you are unable to contact our site for any reason.
 +If a service outage does occur, we may or may not provide some form of compensation to members. ​ Typically, compensation would be in the form of additional subscription time.