Third-Party Message Board Restrictions


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 +====== Third-Party Message Board Restrictions ======
 +**Message board posts must contain four or fewer links to live charts. ​ Message boards that violate this policy repeatedly will be blocked.**
 +The key reason for this policy is that new posts on popular message boards can generate huge, spiky loads on our servers that are wildly disproportionate to what our users actually get out of these posts. When faced with a "wall of charts,"​ many people will be inclined to simply scroll past them without paying much attention. However, our servers still have to draw those charts, creating an unnecessary strain on our site.
 +However, if we break up this wall of charts into groups of 4, that spreads the load on our servers much more evenly, preventing performance issues. For this reason, we insist on this limitation to help keep StockCharts working at its best for everybody.