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 +====== Predefined Reports and Chart Galleries ======
 +StockCharts provides the following predefined reports and chart galleries to both free users and members. Members typically get more information in these reports and galleries than free users. ​ Click on any of the links below for more information.
 +  * **[[:​reports:​market-summary|Market Summary]]** - a report showing the current values and changes in many popular market indexes and ETFs.
 +  * **[[:​reports:​sector-summary|Sector Summary]]** - a tool that allows you to quickly find the strongest stocks in the strongest industries in the strongest sectors.
 +  * **[[:​reports:​industry-summary|Industry Summary]]** - a companion to the Sector Summary, this tool allows you to quickly view performance of all industries at once.
 +  * **[[:​reports:​sctrs|StockCharts Technical Rank (SCTR) Reports]]** - a collection of reports showing the StockCharts Technical Rankings (SCTRs) for many of the stocks in our database.
 +  * **[[:​reports:​decisionpoint-chart-gallery|DecisionPoint Chart Gallery]]** - a collection of charts based on the DecisionPoint market analysis approach.
 +  * **[[:​reports:​predefined-scans|Predefined Scan Results]]** - a report showing results for roughly 80 technical scans designed by
 +  * **[[:​reports:​predefined-alerts|Predefined Technical Alerts]]** - a report alerting you when popular indexes, sectors, commodities and breadth indicators cross above or below important levels.
 +  * **[[:​reports:​historical-chart-gallery|Historical Chart Gallery]]** - a collection of long-term, large-format charts, giving historical perspective on the markets.
 +  * **[[:​reports:​ticker-cloud|The Ticker Cloud]]** - a report showing the 200 most-requested ticker symbols on our website.
 +  * **[[:​reports:​voyeur|SharpCharts Voyeur]]** - a rotating collection of our members'​ recently-created charts.
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