The Ticker Cloud

The Ticker Cloud

Our Ticker Cloud report displays the ticker symbols that are currently popular with our members: specifically the 200 most-charted ticker symbols on our site over the past 15 minutes. The larger the symbol name on the report, the more popular the ticker symbol currently is. Clicking on one of the ticker symbols displays a SharpChart for that ticker symbol (clicking with the mouse wheel will launch the chart in a new tab).

The Ticker Cloud report can be accessed from the “Additional Tools & Reports” section of the Charts & Tools page.

Checking the Ticker Cloud each day is a great way to see what's popular right now. You'll see the same old standby symbols time and again, but you may also discover some unexpected gems that are making a big move. Viewing the cloud early in the day can give you a sneak peek at which stocks are going to be big before the market even opens for the day.

Note: Because requests for indexes and a few of the most popular ETFs far outpace requests for any other symbols, we exclude SPY, QQQ and all index symbols from the Ticker Cloud.

Ticker Cloud on Your Dashboard

The data panels of Your Dashboard can be configured to display a mini version of the Ticker Cloud report, showing the 50 most requested stocks on our site.

Click on an individual ticker symbol to view a SharpChart for that symbol. Clicking on the “Popular Stocks” link at the bottom of the panel will take you to the full Ticker Cloud report.

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