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 +====== Advanced Scan Library ======
 +This library contains a large collection of sample scans for'​s Advanced Scan Workbench. Members at the Extra and Pro level can use these scans by copying and pasting the scan criteria into the [[https://​​def/​servlet/​ScanUI|workbench]]. ​
 +If you are not familiar with the Advanced Scan Workbench, be sure to check out our [[:​scans|comprehensive documentation]],​ [[:​scans:​tutorials|helpful tutorials]] and [[https://​​videos/#​Scanning-Alerts|instructional videos]] for more information on'​s scanning functionality.
 +===== Scan Library Organization =====
 +Our Advanced Scan Library is divided into the following different sections:
 +  * **[[:​scans:​library:​sample_scans|Sample Scans]]** - simple example to help people learn to how to create their own scans.
 +  * **[[:​scans:​library:​predefined_scans|Predefined Scans]]** - all the scans used on our Predefined Scan Results page.
 +  * **[[:​scans:​library:​published_scans|Published Scans]]** - scans based on published books and articles.
 +  * **[[:​scans:​library:​user_scans|User-Contributed Scans]]** - scans sent to us by users like you.
 +  * **[[:​scans:​library:​scan_building_blocks|Gord Greer'​s Scan Building Blocks]]** - a collection of useful scan snippets for creating more advanced scans.
 +Click on any of the links above to see the scans in that section. While all of these example scans are useful, we strongly recommend that beginners review the scans in the "​Sample Scans" section first.