Scan Syntax Reference

Scan Syntax Reference

This reference guide covers the scan syntax for all scan clauses supported by our Scan Engine. Once you've learned the basics of “speaking scan syntax” from our Support Center article on Writing Scans, this resource will help you expand your scanning vocabulary.

We've divided the Scan Syntax Reference into several different sections, based on the category of scan expression or clause:

  • Ticker Properties - clauses for filtering by security type, symbol, name, country, exchange and more.
  • Price, Volume, and SCTRs - clauses for standard price and volume measurements (OHLC values, all time highs, volume, liquidity, etc.). Also includes SCTR ranking clauses.
  • Technical Indicators - clauses for several popular technical indicators.
  • Technical Functions - clauses for standard arithmetic functions, such as min/max and percent change.
  • Predefined Patterns - clauses for common bullish and bearish patterns, including candlestick patterns, candlestick building blocks and P&F patterns.
  • Predefined Scans - clauses for several popular bullish and bearish technical signals that are found on our Predefined Scans page - everything from MACD crossovers to 52-week highs/lows.
  • Groups - includes clauses to filter securities by membership in indexes, sectors and industries, or even members of your own ChartLists.

For each particular expression or clause, we show the proper syntax, including any parameters that you might need to specify, which operators can be used and any other information you might need to successfully use that scan syntax. We also give an example of each for you to study.

For more examples of individual scan clauses and complete scans, we strongly recommend you also check out our Advanced Scan Library.