How to Print a SharpChart


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 +====== How to Print a SharpChart ======
 +Want to print out a SharpChart without all of the extra buttons, banners and icons that you see on the workbench itself? We've made it easy to do just that.
 +=== Step 1: ===
 +Click on the "​Print"​ link directly below the chart.
 +The chart will come up in a smaller window.
 +=== Step 2: ===
 +Select your printing option. You can specify the chart'​s size using the dropdown menu. Check the Monochrome box if you want to print the chart in black and white. Remember to click the "​Update"​ button if you make any changes to the settings.
 +=== Step 3: ===
 +Click the "​Print"​ button to print the chart.
 +**Note:** If these steps don't work for you, you can try right-clicking the chart and selecting "Save Image As..." to save it on your hard disk. Then you can open and print out the download image using an image viewing program.