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 +====== Troubleshooting ======
 +While we strive to provide a trouble-free website, sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. This helpful collection of articles covers a few problems you may encounter while using our website, along with instructions for troubleshooting and fixing them.
 +  * **[[:​trouble:​unable_to_log_in|Unable to Log In]]** - Are you not able to log in to the website at all? Try out the suggestions in this article to get logged in.
 +  * **[[:​trouble:​popup_blocking_software_problems|Popup-Blocking Software]]** - Are you logged in, but certain features are not working correctly? It may be because of your popup-blocking software.
 +  * **[[:​commentary:​tv#​troubleshooting_problems|Problems Watching Web Shows]]** - Are you having trouble watching our live web shows on StockCharts TV? This article will get you back on track.
 +  * **[[:​trouble:​slow_website_performance|Slow Website Performance]]** - Is the website running slowly for you? There are several ways to figure out what might be causing the slowness.
 +  * **[[:​trouble:​unusual_behavior|Unusual Behavior]]** - None of the above fixed the issues you're having? Here are some general troubleshooting steps to help you determine the problem and get it fixed.