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 +====== ChartBook View ======
 +ChartBook view shows you each chart in your ChartList, one chart at a time. This feature provides a great way to quickly cycle through the charts in your ChartList while making minor edits to the charts and the ChartList itself.
 +===== Accessing the ChartBook View =====
 +From Your Dashboard, you can select "​ChartBook"​ from the "View As" dropdown next to the ChartList you wish to view. Alternately,​ you can switch to ChartBook format from other ChartList formats, such as Summary, GalleryView or CandleGlance by selecting "​ChartBook"​ from the "View List As" dropdown.
 +===== Using the ChartBook View =====
 +Above the chart, you can use the "​Select List" dropdown to choose a different ChartList to display. Use the "​Select Chart" dropdown to choose a specific chart in the ChartList to display. The arrow buttons on either side of this dropdown allow you to quickly cycle through the ChartList'​s charts. Clicking directly on the chart will also take you to the next chart on the list.
 +To view the ChartList in a different format, such as CandleGlance or Seasonality view, use the "View List As" dropdown above the chart.
 +==== The Actions Menu ====
 +For additional functionality,​ click the "​Actions"​ button to the right of the chart'​s title. From this menu, you can:
 +  * **Edit Chart Settings** - loads the chart in the [[:​sharpcharts|SharpCharts Workbench]]
 +  * **Annotate** - loads [[:​chartnotes|ChartNotes]] so you can annotate your chart
 +  * **Delete** - deletes the chart from your ChartList
 +  * **Additional Charts** - links in this section allow you to display the chart as a [[:​sharpcharts|SharpChart]],​ [[:​other-tools:​pnf-charts|P&​F Chart]], [[:​other-tools:​gallery-view|GalleryView Chart]], [[:​other-tools:​seasonality|Seasonality Chart]] or [[:​other-tools:​perfcharts|PerfChart]]
 +  * **More Resources** - links show you historical data, recent data adjustments and a selection of articles that mention the main ticker symbol for the chart
 +==== Editing the ChartList ====
 +While Edit View provides the most comprehensive set of editing tools for your ChartList, some editing can be done directly from the ChartBook view:
 +  * Click on the chart'​s title directly above the chart to edit it. Click the "​Save"​ button once you've made your changes.
 +  * Add or edit comments for the chart by clicking in the box directly below the chart. Click the "​Save"​ button once you've made your changes.
 +  * Add or edit notes for the entire ChartList by clicking in the "​ChartList Notes" box at the bottom of the screen. Click the "​Save"​ button once you've made your changes.
 +For more editing functionality,​ use the "Edit List" button at the top of the screen to load the ChartList in Edit View.
 +The "​Delete List" and "New List" buttons can be used to delete the current ChartList and create a new ChartList, respectively.