How do I change my ChartList of SharpCharts to P&F charts?

How do I change my ChartList of SharpCharts to P&F charts?

Do you have a ChartList of SharpCharts that you want to convert to P&F charts all at once? Below, you will find the steps to take to change a ChartList of SharpCharts into P&F charts.

Access a Saved Chart

The first step is to open up any of the saved charts in the ChartList that you want to convert from SharpCharts to P&F charts. To start, go to the “Your ChartLists” section of Your Dashboard, then select “Summary” view from the “View As” dropdown next to the ChartList you want to convert to P&F. Then, click on the first chart listed on the summary view page.

Once the chart you selected appears on the SharpCharts workbench, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Point & Figure chart” link located below the ChartLists section (shown above).

Apply the Style

The chart will now load as a P&F chart. Make any changes you want to your P&F chart. When the chart is set to your desired style (the one you want all the charts in your list to use), scroll down to the “ChartLists” section and click the “Apply Style To All” button.


Next, a popup will appear and ask “Are you sure you wish to apply the current style to ALL charts in the current ChartList?”. If so, click OK to make the changes.

To confirm that all the charts in the specific ChartList have been converted to P&F charts, click the “View All” link above the P&F Chart. This will display the ChartList in 10 Per Page View, where you can verify whether all the charts can appear as P&F charts.