How do I delete a single annotation?

How do I delete a single annotation?

Have you created and saved an annotated chart, only to realize you need to delete an annotation from it? To avoid having to recreate the entire chart with all of your custom annotations, StockCharts does allow users to go back and delete any single annotation from their charts. Read on to learn how this can be done.

Steps to Delete an Annotation

1. Open up the chart in ChartNotes

To begin, go to ChartNotes and open up the saved annotated chart you want to alter.

2. Click the Selection tool

Once your chart appears in the annotation window, click the Selection tool icon from the left side toolbar, as shown in the image above.

3. Delete the annotation

Once you have clicked the Selection tool, click on the annotation you wish to delete. You will see yellow boxes appear around the annotation. Once the yellow boxes appear, click the “delete” key on your keyboard to remove the annotation.

Once the annotation you want is removed, click “Save” to resave the chart.