How do I shade the area between Bollinger Bands

How do I shade the area between Bollinger Bands

Shading the area between Bollinger Bands provides a different look that some people may prefer to the default lines. This tutorial shows how you can create those shaded bands.

Step 1: Expand the "Advanced Options" for Overlays in the SharpCharts Workbench

Click on the green arrow on the right side of the “Overlays” section to expand. Skip to the next step if this is already done.

Step 2: Add Bollinger Bands to the Chart and Select Your Options

  1. Click on the dropdown to select “Bollinger Bands” and enter the parameters you want to use (20,2 is the default).
  2. Click on the “Style” dropdown and select “Area”.
  3. Select a color if you want one other than “Auto” in this case we are using Gold.
  4. Click “Update”.

(Optional): Add Multiple Bands

You can also use multiple shaded Bollinger Bands on a chart to find what parameters best fit your style of trading. This blog article from Chip Anderson goes into more detail. To add multiple bands, repeat the process outlined in Step 2.