How is Percent Change Calculated?

How is Percent Change Calculated?

On the StockCharts site, the Chg value shown at the top of the chart displays the difference between the latest price on the chart and the previous period's closing price. The one exception to this is for intraday charts, where the Chg is the difference between the latest price and the previous day's close.

Percent Change, meanwhile, is calculated by dividing the Chg value by the previous period's close and multiplying the result by 100.

Percent Change Calculation:

Intraday/Daily Chg = (Price - Prev Day's Close) / Prev Day's Close * 100
Weekly Chg = (Price - Prev Week's Close) / Prev Week's Close * 100
Monthly Chg = (Price - Prev Month's Close) / Prev Month's Close * 100

Keep in mind that other websites could use a different calculation, so our percent change value might not match those sources. We recommend checking with the sources you use to learn what calculation they use for percent change.

If you are using BATS real-time data for your charts, the percent change value is delayed by 15 minutes.