How is Percent Change Calculated?


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 +====== How is Percent Change Calculated? ======
 +On the StockCharts site, the Chg value shown at the top of the chart displays the difference between the latest price on the chart and the previous period'​s closing price. The one exception to this is for intraday charts, where the Chg is the difference between the latest price and the previous //​day'​s//​ close.
 +Percent Change, meanwhile, is calculated by dividing the Chg value by the previous period'​s close and multiplying the result by 100. 
 +Percent Change Calculation:​
 +Intraday/​Daily Chg = (Price - Prev Day's Close) / Prev Day's Close * 100
 +Weekly Chg = (Price - Prev Week's Close) / Prev Week's Close * 100
 +Monthly Chg = (Price - Prev Month'​s Close) / Prev Month'​s Close * 100
 +Keep in mind that other websites could use a different calculation,​ so our percent change value might not match those sources. We recommend checking with the sources you use to learn what calculation they use for percent change. ​
 +//If you are using BATS real-time data for your charts, the percent change value is delayed by 15 minutes. //