Part 7: Learning How To Learn More

Part 7: Learning How To Learn More


A coveted resource among StockCharts users, ChartSchool is our comprehensive educational resource to help you learn more about technical analysis. It features an extensive collection of in-depth articles covering a broad range of topics related to investing and the analysis of financial charts. Read up on the history of technical analysis, learn more about the many charting tools found on StockCharts, or dig deeper into the dozens of technical indicators and overlays available on the site. Click here to visit ChartSchool.

The Support Center

Our Support Center contains helpful articles about the analysis tools available on StockCharts, as well as other useful information about the site. Also, as a StockCharts Member, you now receive expanded access to our Customer Support team. They are here to help via web form and email with any and all questions you may have. Click here to visit the Support Center.

Instructional Videos

The perfect complement to ChartSchool and our Support Center, our instructional videos are packed full of important information that will help you get the most out of your new StockCharts account. Watch Arthur Hill's overview of how to use ChartNotes, our annotation tool. Learn how to save and organize your charts using ChartLists, or dive deeper into our scanning features with our “Writing Scans” video series. Click here to view our instructional videos.

Articles, Blogs and StockCharts TV

We covered the blogs and web shows in detail back in part four, but it can't be stressed enough: this commentary is one of our most valuable resources. There is simply no better way to learn than by following the experts. Both in their blog articles, videos, and live web shows, they reveal the strategies, techniques, and tools they've used to become some of the industry's most successful technicians. Visit our Blogs page to read their latest posts, or watch them on StockCharts TV!

Free eBook from John Murphy!

Deep within the inner recesses of our ChartSchool area is a real gem - the complete text of John Murphy's book, “Charting Made Easy.” It's totally free, easy to read and very helpful. To get started, just click here.